This service offers a deep clean of the headstone and surrounding area, which have not been tended to for sometime.

With this service it includes:


  • Cutting of the grass
  • Cleaning of debris, memorial pots and liners
  • Removal of weeds, waste and dead flowers


We have a range of packages to choose from have a look at our other services.


Want to keep the grave looking its best at all times? Or want to mark a special occasion with a floral tribute? Our grave tending staff can lay flowers for you throughout the year.

With our packages we can offer an option of four memorable dates with flowers. Contacts us for more information.


We take a photo of the headstone/memorial  before and after each visit, we send this by email or text, this is so you can see for yourself how it looks but also for peace of mind.


We can repaint inscriptions from £39

Letter inscriptions can look good on gravestones for many years, but due to weather and other environments, it can take a toll on the lettering which may lead to deterioration and fading. Grave Concerns can repaint inscriptions making the memorial look brand new. If you would like more information on this service please contact us.

For any other service feel free to give us a call to discuss what’s possible and for quotes.